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There's some confusion about how exactly wireless fences work and whether these electric fence options are safe for the dog. These fence options are safe and, everyone who uses them shall agree, effective. Understanding the technology behind these training and safety tools will get rid of many misconceptions.
The Tech Behind the Invisible Fence
NeAll of the wireless fence options work the same way nearly.For example, the PetSafe dog fences work with a transmitter that's put into a central location to emit a light electromagnetic field (EMF). The receiving collar Paw Lifestyles worn by your dog is inert during this field. It leaves the field once, however, it really is activated.
The collar emits a warning sound and first, if your pet continues to leave the protected area, after that it begins administering electric stimulus before dog returns to the protected area. The transmitter plugs into any outlet and the collar runs on the rechargeable battery.
That, the bottom line is, is how most electric fence options just like the PetSafe dog fences work. Others work backwards, designed to augment the wired fence or physical fence.
These systems create an adjustable section of protection that, if your pet enters it, will activate the collar. This sort of wireless fence is popular for protecting gardens, bushes, along with other areas which are off limits to your pet.
Often these electric fence technologies are hidden in cosmetic covers that blend with stones and landscaping to help keep the aesthetics of one's yard intact.
PetSafe Dog Fences In the house?
Indoor versions of the wireless fence systems may also be available. They are smaller units that work in small spaces (2-10 feet radius) to help keep your pets from entering certain rooms or regions of the home. They're popular with individuals who desire to keep their pet safely from hazards or from certain furniture or out of specific rooms. Placed near a doorway or object to be protected, they use a low profile electric fence to help keep your pet away.
In all full cases, these invisible fence options are amazing for training your very best friend to help keep in a area or out of an off limits area – or both. Most trainers and several veterinarians recommend these for dog and also cat owners.


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